Nuts and Bolts Fidget Spinner

Today in Design and Tech in the Makerspace we made a fidget spinner with the materials provided.

We had to make sure to balance out the weight on the spinner so it would make it faster.

I actually started out with a bad bearing, and we could only get one bearing, so I was stuck with that one. My first idea was to make a regular fidget spinner except the base would be cardboard and the other three bearings would be nuts.

But the cardboard failed because it was to breakable so I decided to come up with a new idea.

To hold the main bearing, I hot glued to nuts to the top and bottom of the bearing. Then I added three nuts on the outside to balance out the weight, which would make it quicker,

Then I decided to add bolts on the end of the nuts to add more weight. I also thought it would look neat to screw three little nuts onto each of the bolts, so I did.

I finally came up with the main product, which was a neat looking nuts and bolts fidget spinner.

I think the nuts and bolts idea worked pretty well, and the cardboard? Well I think that would never work. It’s just to flexible and light. Now the nuts and bolts are solid metal, which gives them a lot more sturdiness and weight.

I managed to turn a bad bearing into a decent fidget spinner.

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