Final Project Design in Tech in the Makerspace

So for the final project we got to deicide what we were going to build. I wanted to build a chair but a couple people already had that idea so for some strange reason I came up with the idea to build a shovel. I first started out by measuring out the measurements, after that I drew out my spade shape on a block of wood. After this they took me down to the people that cut the wood and thus cut out the shape. I then had to cut out the full curved shape of the spade with a machine called a jigsaw. This is pretty much something that looks like a drill but has a mini saw attached to it. I cut out the shape but then I realized that the shape was not perfect. I spent a good amount of time sanding out the curve in the spade. It was not perfect but it would do. After that I wanted to make something called a horseshoe, which is basically three pieces of wood cut out to make a small block of wood that would fit onto the spade, so I would have some room to drill in the dowel. After I managed to create that I hammered nails into it and glued it onto the spade. After that I sanded it down. I finally managed to get a dowel that was the right size, but it was completely covered in hot glue. With extreme difficulty Mr. Wood and I managed to clean off the glue. I sanded the dowel down to get ride of the remaining hot glue. Soon after that I drilled a hole into the horseshoe and spade, then glued the dowel into it. The next day I decided that I should make a handle. I simply made it out of a small thin piece of wood. I glued it onto the dowel and screwed it on. But the next day there was a fairly big problem. The handle was spinning like a propeller because I only used one screw, I could not fix this, so the handle was unsuccessful, yet I leaved it on anyway. I also did not manage to get a blade on the spade so, I called it a sand shovel. Since it did not have a blade it could not dig into the dirt, but it could scoop up sand.

So my shovel was kind of a success, but it definitely had its disappointments.

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